All current Lismore City Council policies from A-Z

Administration of Private Covenants
Annual Community Grants Scheme
Annual Rental Applicable to Non-Profit Organisations with Buildings on Council Land
Approvals and Use of Land Owned or Managed by Council Policy and associated guidelines:

Arts and Cultural
Asbestos Management and Asbestos Guidelines
Asset Management

Biodiversity – Flora and Fauna
Building Over or Near Sewers and Other Underground Pipelines or Structures (Public Assets)

Cemeteries and Burials on Private Rural Land
Closure of Offices – Christmas/New Year
Community Engagement Strategy and Community Participation Plan

Community Loans Policy
Community Sun Protection Strategy
Contributions from Property Owners Towards Studies for Rezonings or DCPs
Council Cars – Car Agreement
Council Use of Lismore Airport
Council Briefings

Councillors Expenses and Facilities Policy
Councillor/Staff Communication Policy and Councillor/Staff Communication Guidelines

Dedication of Bequeathed Land for Community Purposes
Definition of Nuclear Free Peace Zone
Determination of Development Applications Under Delegated Authority
Directional Signage on Roads
Drainage Systems Maintenance Through Private Property in Rural Area
Duties and Responsibilities of Committee Chairpersons

Enforcement and Compliance and Enforcement Guidelines
Enterprise Risk Management and Risk Management Strategy
Equity in Access and Provision of Facilities to Public Spaces and Public Buildings for People with Disability and Specific Needs
Exemption of Certain Lands from Water Charges and/or Wastewater Charges

Fees and Charges Pricing

Festivals and Events Contributions
Financial Sustainability
Fire Safety of Buildings
and the Procedural Guidelines for Fire Safety in Buildings
Footpath/Cycleway Risk Management

Gathering Information
Guidelines and Practices for Mediation of Development Applications

Health Promotion

Institution or Discontinuation of Services

Leasing of Council Properties
Lismore Coat of Arms/Corporate Logo
Local Roads Maintenance

Maintenance of Rural Roads
Management of Contaminated Land
Media Releases

Naming of Public Places

Outdoor Dining

Payment of Expenses and the Provision of Facilities to Mayors and Councillors
Plain English
Planning Agreements
Policy on Policy Making
Presentation by Intending Candidates for Deputy Mayor

Pressure Sewer Systems
Privacy Management Plan
Private Sewage Pump Stations
Protection of World's Rainforest Timber
Provision of Gutter Crossings
Provision of Public Transport Infrastructure
Public Access to Objections/Complaints Lodged with Council
Public Art and Public Art Procedure
Public Tree

Quality Policy Statement

Rates and Charges Hardship

Related Party Disclosure Policy
Relocation of Public Roads – Owners to Contribute
Requirements for Pathways
Reserves (Internally Restricted)
Roadside Maintenance

Sale of Land for Unpaid Rates and Charges
Sealing of Road Shoulders in Commercial Areas

Section 356 Donations – Dialysis Machine Water and Waste Charges
Self-Help Programme
Signs as Remote Supervision
Slashing of Roadside Verges
Smoke-free Areas
Social Impact Assessment and Social Impact Assessment Guidelines
Social Media Policy
Social Media Guidelines

Staff Exchange Programme between Lismore City Council and Yamato Takada City Council
Statement of Business Ethics
Stormwater Drainage
Strategic Planning Study Guidelines
Street Signs – Risk Management
Support Service and Functions to Mayor and Councillors
Sustainability, Viability and Amenity of Rural and Urban Land

Temporary Residential Occupation of Land
Tourist Directional Signposting for Built Attractions
Trade Waste
Trees Planting and Removal

Undergrounding of Electricity Main and Provision of Streetlighting – Residential Areas
Undergrounding of Telephone Plant in Subdivisions

Unsolicited Proposals Policy and Unsolicited Proposals Procedure
Urban Kerbside Numbering System
Use of Images

Volunteer Program, Volunteer Program Procedure and Volunteer Program Handbook for Volunteers

Water and Wastewater Developer Contribution Charges (S64)

Water Leaks – Write-off Charges on Undetected Water Leaks
Water Meter Installation Two Meters on the One Property
Water Meters Multiple Occupancy
Water Quality and Quantity
Water Supply Backflow Prevention