Our latest schedule of roadworks and road maintenance

Please find below a schedule of major upcoming roadworks and our planned gravel maintenance, as well as rehabilitation and resurfacing works scheduled for the 2018/19 financial year.

For more information please read our Your Roads publication or phone us on 1300 87 83 87.

Upcoming major roadworks in November


Details of Works

Estimated Cost

Approximate Finish

Alexandra Parade, North Lismore

Water main replacement


end of December

Wilson Street, South Lismore (from Wilson Street Bridge to Elliott Road)

Road Rehabilitation $165,000 end of November

Kyogle Road at Fernside Road Intersection

Drainage Works

$35,000 end of December

Flood Slips and Major Repairs – Works being carried out by Contractors

Beardow Street, Lismore Heights

Flood Slips

$1.2 million



Gravel Maintenance

We group all gravel roads into two classifications – Class A and B – to determine how often we grade them. The class of road is determined by how many people drive on the road. If it is a major road with high traffic volumes and school bus routes for instance, then it would be a Class A road. If it is an access road servicing just a few homes, it would be a Class B road.

Class A roads receive a maintenance grade once every year and Class B every two years. Here’s an example of some gravel roads and where they fit into Council’s classification hierarchy:

Class A Roads: Terania Creek Road, Terania Creek; Boggumbil Road, Rock Valley; Sheehan Road, Tuckurimba

Class B Roads: Browning Road, Numulgi; Charlton Road, Rosebank; Lavis Road, McLeans Ridges


2018/19 Sealed Roads Rehabilitation Program

Rehabilitation of a road generally involves taking the bitumen off the top, removing unsuitable gravel, adding new gravel and then sealing the surface with new bitumen. This treatment strengthens the gravel foundation and smooths out the surface.

Most roads in our network were constructed many years ago and not built for today’s traffic volumes or heavy vehicles. Rehabilitation extends the road’s life by 20 to 30 years by increasing the overall depth and strength of the road. Additionally, by recycling the existing road material, it minimises the overall cost of the project.


Length Of Work

Carrington Street

From Magellan Street to 80m west

Coraki Road

From Ferris Lane to Oakbank Wharf Road

Keen Street

From Magellan Street to Lismore Central

Leycester Street

From Diadem Street to New Ballina Road

New Ballina Road

From Leycester Street to halfway up cutting (complete cutting to be staged over two years)

Nimbin Road

200m north of Swift Road to change in seal (250m further north)

Nimbin Road

From no. 2103 to 2158: a total of 550m

Wyrallah Road

From Maxwell Lane south 200m


2018/19 Sealed Roads Resurfacing Program

Resurfacing means patching a road and putting a new bitumen seal over the existing road. Keeping the road surface in good condition keeps the gravel foundation of the road waterproof and makes it last longer.


Length Of Work

Alice Street

From Invercauld Road to Florence Street

Alison Avenue

From D’Arcy Drive to Jubilee Avenue

Allambie Drive

Entire length

Ashgrove Drive

From Trinity Drive to end

Asunta Place

From Mountain View Drive to end

Atfield Street

From Coraki Street to Barker Street

Banksia Court

Entire length

Barr Scott Drive

From Gallagher Drive to dead end

Barrys Road

Entire length

Bent Street

Entire length

Bentley Road

Adjacent to number 142

Blue Hills Avenue

Entire length

Boatharbour Road

Three sections: a total of 1.5km

Borton Road

Adjacent to number 44

Boundary Road

From Lindendale Road to LGA boundary

Brettmark Court

Entire length

Broadwater Road

Five sections: a total of 2.9km

Brooker Drive

From Erica Court to Amber Street

Brooks Place

Entire length

Browallia Court

Entire length

Bryant Place

Entire length

Cambrian Street

Entire length

Cambridge Drive

From Regency Crescent to Oliver Avenue

Camelot Road

Windsor Court to Canterbury Chase

Campbell Crescent

Entire length

Carlton Avenue

Entire length

Carolina Street

Entire length

Carramar Drive

From Greenwood Drive to end

Carrington Street

Conway Street to Magellan Street

Cassia Crescent

Entire length

Cavendish Road

Entire length

Chilcott Street

Adjacent to number 36

Clarice Street

Entire length

Cochran Place

From Cochran Street to end

College Street

Entire length

Compton Avenue

Entire length

Conifer Street

Entire length

Connor Road

Two sections: a total of 700m

Conte Street

From Wyrallah Road to Pollard Place

Cooling Street

Entire length

Corndale Road

Six sections: a total of 3.2km

County Lane

From Eggins Lane to Carrington Street

Cowley Road

From James Street to Private Road

Cowlong Road

From number 647 to Satinwood Drive

Crandon Court

Entire length

Cullen Street

From Sibley Street to Blue Knob Road

D'arcy Drive

Entire length

DA Olley Drive

From Oliver Avenue to Darrel Avenue

Daniel Drive

Entire length

Davis Road

Adjacent to number 36

De Re Drive

Entire length

Dean Close

Entire length

Deloraine Road

From Woodland Avenue to Warwick Place

Donaghue Street

From James Street to change in seal

Donnans Road

From number 133 to Maluta Place

Dudley Drive

Two sections: a total of 300m

Dunoon Road

Five sections: a total of 2.2km

Dunromin Drive

Entire length

Durheim Road

Skyline Road to Wyrallah Road

Dympna Crescent

Entire length

East Skyline Road

From Skyline Road to number 37

Eastwood Crescent

Entire length

Eggins Place

Entire length

Elizabeth Avenue

Entire length

Elizabeth Street

Nielson Street to Colleen Place

Emma Way

Entire length

Erica Court

Entire length

Fiford Avenue

Entire length

Fletcher Road

James Street to number 15

Florence Street

Entire length

Forestoak Way

Entire length

Fraser Road

From Dunoon Road to water reservoir

Frederick Street

Entire length

Funnell Drive

Entire length

Georgina Place

Entire length

Gibson Close

Entire length

Glasgow Lane (South)

Entire length

Grace Road

From Clunes Street to Julieanne Place

Graeme Avenue

Entire length

Greenhills Drive

From James Road to number 32

Greenwood Drive

Entire length

Gum Tree Drive

Entire length

Hakea Court

Entire length

Hamley Road

Entire length

Hayes Street

Entire length

Henderson Place

Entire length

High Street (Lismore Heights)

Two sections: a total of 700m

Hillcrest Avenue

From Rosegum Drive to number 58

Hilltop Close

Entire length

Hillview Drive

Entire length

Hunter Street

From Orion Street to Uralba Street

Hunters Hill Road

From Corndale Road to number 41

Ida Place

Entire length

Industry Drive

From Rifle Rang Road to Military Road

Ironbark Court

Entire length

Jade Avenue

Entire length

James Gibson Road

Ten sections: a total of 5km

James Road

From Ballina Road to Dymock Drive

James Street (Dunoon)

From May Street to Fletcher Road

Janice Court (Goonellabah)

Entire length

Jansan Close

Entire length

Jarvis Street

Entire length

Jasmine Court

Entire length

Jasmyne Street

Entire length

Jennifer Place

Entire length

Joel Place

Entire length

John Street

From Keen Street to change in seal

Johnson Street

From Tunstall Street to private property

Jubilee Avenue

Entire length

Judy Court

Entire length

Julie Crescent

Entire length

Julieanne Place

From Grace Road to number 15

Karissa Drive

From Daniel Drive to Georgina Place

Kathryn Drive

Entire length

Keen Street

Five sections: a total of 1.8km

Kellas Street

Entire length

Kerrabee Court

Entire length

Kilgin Road

Four sections: a total of 2km

Killara Court

Entire length

Kingfisher Place

Number 7 to 17

Kingsley Court

Entire length

Koala Drive

Entire length

Krauss Avenue

From Three Chain Road to number 15

Kruseana Avenue

From Kathryn Drive to Link Street

Larkin Lane

Entire length

Laurel Avenue

From Diadem Street to Brewster Street

Lee Crescent

Entire length

Leone Court

Entire length

Link Street

Entire length

Lomandra Avenue

From Perradenya Way to Melaleuca Court

Mackie Road

From James Gibson Road to Ridgewood Road

Magnolia Place

Entire length

Maluta Place

Entire length

Margate Place

Entire length

Marshall Close

Entire length

Martin Road

Two sections: a total of 1km

Mary-Ellen Crescent

Entire length

May Street

Entire length

McDermott Avenue

Entire length

McKenzie Street

From Crescent Street to Hurley Street

Merinda Place

Entire length

Milgate Close

Entire length

Millar Street

From number 5 to 33

Minshul Crescent

Entire length

Molly's Grass Road

From Rous Road to number 30

Mountain Top Road

From number 527 to 565

Muller Road

From Rous Road to Willis Road

Murphy Place

Entire length

Napier Street

Entire length

Nature Court

Entire length

New England Lane

Entire length

Newhaven Drive

Entire length

Nielson Street

From Ballina Road to speedhump

Northcott Drive

From Cavendish Road to end

Northview Court

Entire length

Numulgi Road

Four sections: a total of 2km

O’Flynn Street

From number 37 to High Street

Oliver Avenue

Four sections: a total of 800m

Opal Crescent

From end to Woodland Avenue

Orion Street

From Hindmarsh Street to Bent Street

Pagottos Ridge Road

From Dunoon Road to number 18

Palmvale Drive

Entire length

Parade Street

Entire length

Parkwalk Drive

Entire length

Pearce Avenue

Entire length

Pearce Road

From Houghlahans Creeks Road to number 63

Pendara Crescent

Entire length

Phillip Street

From McDermott Avenue to Oliver Avenue

Pimelea Court

Entire length

Pindari Crescent

Entire length

Pineapple Road

Three sections: a total of 1.3km

Pineview Drive

Entire length

Plumeria Court

Entire length

Potessu Road

Entire length

Rainforest Drive

Entire length

Regency Crescent

Entire length

Richmond Lane

Entire length

Robrown Drive

Entire length

Robson Road

From number 25 to 91

Rocky Creek Dam Road

From number 82 to Gibbergunyah Range Road

Sanctuary Court

Entire length

Sandalwood Drive

Entire length

Sapphire Court

Entire length

Sarah Court

Entire length

Shepherd Lane

Entire length

Sheridan Drive

From Gainsborough Way to end

Shipway Road

From Nimbin Road to number 26

Sillar Avenue

Entire length

Simes Street

Entire length

Skye Court

Entire length

Sovereign Place

Entire length

Spring Grove Court

Entire length

Spring Valley Drive

From Nerida Place to Koala Drive

Star Avenue

Entire length

Stevenson Street

Entire length

Stocks Street

Entire length

Sunrise Crescent

Three sections: a total of 500m

Sunset Drive

Entire length

Swift Road

From Nimbin Road to number 5

Tallowood Court

Entire length

Taylor Street

From service lane to change in seal

Terania Creek Road

From number 241 to 321

Teven Street

From Fischer Street to end

The Channon Road

From number 210 to 234

Toona Court

Entire length

Trevan Road

From Gundurimba Road to private property

Tunstall Street

Entire length

Tuntable Creek Road

From number 570 to 602

Tuntable Falls Road

From number 392 to Upper Tuntable Falls Road

Union Street

Three sections: a total of 400m

Uralba Street

Two sections: a total of 550m

Valley View Drive

From Lucia Crescent to end

Waratah Way

From Oliver Avenue to Lorikeet Court

Warrawee Court

Entire length

West Road

Adjacent to number 2

Westview Drive

From Lee Crescent to Cynthia Wilson Drive

Wickham Place

Entire length

Willis Road

Entire length

Windsor Court

Entire length

Woodland Avenue

Number 28 to Opal Crescent

Woodlark Street

From Molesworth Street to bridge

Wyrallah Road

Seven sections: a total of 3.7km