Lismore Biodiversity Awards

The Lismore Biodiversity Awards are designed to celebrate and recognise excellence in environmental stewardship by individuals and organisations.

The awards are for community groups, schools, rural lifestyle landholders and primary producers working on improving biodiversity across Lismore’s diverse landscapes. The type of work Council is seeking to award includes planting diverse local species to restore habitat, controlling invasive weeds and pest animals that impact on native ecosystems, protecting waterways and water quality through keeping stock out of creeks, rivers and wetlands, remediating soil erosion with native plantings, and helping our threatened species and ecosystems.

There are three award categories for 2017 and each winner will receive cash or goods and services to the value of $1000 with the help of sponsors including Soilcare Inc., Richmond Landcare Inc. and Fire-wheel Nursery.

The award categories are:

Soilcare Inc. Primary Producer Award: For primary producers demonstrating best practice managing biodiversity alongside agricultural production.

Individual Rural Landholder: For rural lifestyle landholders demonstrating outstanding biodiversity work.

Community and Schools Group: A community group or school doing excellent biodiversity restoration or species protection work.

The awards will be presented at an event later this year, providing attendees with an opportunity to network and hear about the achievements of the first year of Lismore City Council’s Biodiversity Management Strategy.

Nominations can only be made online and are open until the end of June.

Please send any supporting documentation to Environmental Strategies Officer Vanessa Tallon.

Lismore Biodiversity Awards Nomination Form

Special thanks to our very generous sponsors SoilCare Inc., Richmond Landcare Inc. and Fire-wheel Nursery.