Registration of Interest for Council-owned Industrial Land

We are seeking Registrations of Interest (ROIs) for identified industrial land at 97 Caniaba Street, South Lismore, which is set to benefit from Stage 1 of the Lismore Flood Mitigation Plan, which includes construction of a major flood channel behind the Lismore Regional Airport. This work will result in the filling of this site to facilitate future development opportunities.

This ROI seeks to explore the potential usage opportunity for approximately 11 hectares of Council-owned industrial zoned land located within the South Lismore Industrial Estate precinct. This information will be utilised to help inform future infrastructure requirements and improve Council’s understanding of opportunities that could be achieved in this area to support industry growth.

Privacy Protection

In accordance with Council’s Privacy Management Plan, the information obtained as part of this process is being collected for the purpose of understanding both the industry type and level of interest in developing industrial land located at 97 Caniaba Street, South Lismore. The information obtained will be held in commercial in confidence.

Completing an ROI

To register your interest in developing this land, please respond in letter format to the 10 questions below incorporating detailed descriptions of your proposal. It is not a requirement of this ROI to submit detailed drawings and concept plans. Please lodge your letter by email at

  1. What development proposal do you have to activate this 11 hectares to grow the Lismore economy?
  2. How does your proposal capitalise on Lismore’s endowments? (refer to the Regional Economic Development Strategy Northern Rivers – Attachment A below)
  3. What industry sector are you looking to service?
  4. Does your proposal include any associate industries or partners that may relocate to Lismore as a result of your proposed development?
  5. Upon completion of your proposed development how many jobs are expected to be created?
  6. Is it anticipated your proposal will mobilise international exports?
  7. What do you require from Council to achieve your development objectives?
  8. Do you need to own title of the land to secure funding?
  9. When are you in a position to mobilise your development proposal?
  10. Do you have a profile document demonstrating your project proposal?

Download a PDF of the ROI

Attachment A – Regional Economic Development Strategy Northern Rivers


For more information contact:

Tina Irish
Manager Economic Development

Lismore City Council
T: 02 6625 0458 / 0427 003 645