Blakebrook Quarry operating approval conditions

A condition of the NSW Government Department of Planning approval to operate Blakebrook Quarry is to ensure that a copy of any approved strategies/plans/programs required under the approval are made publicly available here on our website. We are also required to make a summary of any monitoring results, to update them on regular basis (six monthly) and to make these publicly available on our website. Following are the most recent plans and monitoring results.


Planning Approval and Operating Conditions:

Strategies, Management Plans and Programs for Blakebrook Quarry:

Annual Environment Management Reports for Blakebrook Quarry:

Blast Reports for Blakebrook Quarry:

Annual Noise Monitoring Reports for Blakebrook Quarry:

Dust Monitoring Reports for Blakebrook Quarry:

Water Monitoring Reports for Blakebrook Quarry:

Blakebrook Discharge Report and Floodplain Discharge Report:

Floodplain Quarry Discharge Reports:

Pre-clearing Environmental Inspection Reports for Blakebrook Quarry:

Three Yearly External Environmental Audits for Blakebrook Quarry:

Annual EPA Licence Returns forBlakebrook Quarry:

Blakebrook Quarry Environmental Complaints Register

Blakebrook Quarry Historic EPA Licences & Variations

Blakebrook Quarry Community Consultative Committee Meeting

Blakebrook Quarry Truck Movement Register