Upcycle Volunteers... help us fix, make, create!


The Lismore Recycling & Recovery Centre has a very successful ‘Revolve Shop’ that sells second-hand goods and building materials that otherwise would have been recycled or sent to landfill.

Lismore City Council is looking to provide a volunteer work opportunity at the Revolve Shop by creating the Upcycle Volunteers Team.

This will draw on the amazing skills and creative talents of our local community to help us repair second-hand goods to work again as they originally functioned, make second-hand goods into something new (upcycle) or help display and sell the goods.


Volunteers who join the Upcycle Volunteers Team will have the opportunity to use their skills in one of the following ways:

  1. Repairing goods or making new things from old: Work (as per your skills and expertise) in a shipping container in the Revolve Shop precinct fixing second-hand goods to work again as they originally functioned or making and creating second-hand goods to become a new product (upcycle). Examples are (but not limited too) fixing bikes, restoring furniture, painting plates, turning second hand goods into plant pots etc. Then work with the supervisor to display the fixed or upcycled goods for sale in the Revolve Shop.
  2. Displaying and selling goods: Set up and run a Revolve Room of goods from the Revolve Shop e.g. books, toys or records, by making a safe and creative display in a shipping container to increase interest and sales of the goods.
  3. Presenting goods for sale while demonstrating upcycling: Create displays and eye-catching presentations of Revolve Shop goods, e.g. bike shelter, skate boards, grass catchers. Use other goods or materials from the shop to build the displays e.g. painted pallets for bike racks. This aims to both increase sales and demonstrate creative ways to upcycle. It may also help to sell the oversupply of ‘seasonal’ products, e.g. tents.


Applying to volunteer

Council is seeking expressions of interest from the local community (over 18 years) to join the Upcycle Volunteers Team. If you would like to get involved, please complete the Upcycle Volunteers Team EOI form and email to council@lismore.nsw.gov.au



Engagement and review

  • We are currently seeking applicants for one intake for a set period of six months and a maximum of six volunteers. Future Expressions of Interest and new volunteers will be considered depending on the commitment of the volunteers and success of the program.
  • Suitable candidates will be sent the Volunteer Handbook and invited for an interview to both discuss their interest, skills and ideas and be briefed on the guidelines and expectations of Lismore City Council’s Volunteer Program.
  • Commencement date, hours and days of work will be set by the volunteer and supervisor.
  • A three-month review will be undertaken by the volunteer and supervisor to ensure the work is meeting the needs of both.



  • A budget for second-hand goods and other materials will be set for each volunteer through a discussion with the supervisor:
  • Volunteers advise the supervisor of materials from the Revolve Shop that can be fixed or upcycled, and their requirements for extra materials needed e.g. glue, nails, paints etc for repairing. Where possible these will be sourced at the Community Recycling Centre. The surpervisor will be responsible for setting a budget and determining the quality of goods and materials available/needed for each individual volunteer to carry out their job.
  •  (NB: Volunteers can neither be out of pocket nor derive an income).


Key responsibilities

  • Adhere to the Lismore City Council Volunteer Program, i.e. understand the rules, guidelines and values of Council and be prepared to comply with them as outlined in the Volunteer Handbook provided. This will ensure the volunteering remains a mutually beneficial and safe activity by providing clear guidelines to volunteers and Council staff on their roles, rights and responsibilities.
  • We are looking for people to undertake a regular volunteering session for four hours once a week, during Revolve Shop opening hours, with a six-month commitment.
  • Understand and work within Revolve Shop Staff Policy.


Skills required

  • Understand and support Lismore City Council’s aim to support the local community in avoiding waste generation and promoting waste as a valuable resource to be reused, recovered and recycled.
  • Be dependable, reliable and prepared to work as a team member.
  • Enjoy meeting and communicating with the general public that visit the Revolve Shop.


Training required

  • On the job training e.g. work health and safety.


Applicant’s suitability

The suitability of applicants to join the Upcycle Volunteers Team will be assessed on their ability to meet these key qualities:

  • Ability to fix second-hand goods to work again as they originally functioned or make and create second-hand goods to become a new product (upcycle).
  • Set up and run a Revolve Room of goods from the Revolve Shop.
  • Create displays and eye catching presentations of Revolve Shop goods.
  • Clear and confident communication to work with the general public.
  • Safe, practical and willing team player.
  • Ability and willingness for a regular volunteer commitment, including a good understanding of guidelines and expectations of Lismore City Council's Volunteer Program.
  • Local community member with a good understanding and support of Lismore City Council's waste management values and systems.