Planning strategies and policies covering Lismore LGA

Strategic Road Review

The Strategic Road Review is a 20-year plan that defines the road network required to support future population growth while maintaining the level of service Council currently provides. It was developed from a financial, social and environmental sustainability perspective. As such, it provides the nexus between future development and new road infrastructure that Council has to demonstrate if it is to collect road contributions from new development under Section 94 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

Strategic Road Review

Lismore Growth Management Strategy 2015-2035

The Lismore Growth Management Strategy 2015-2035 (GMS) identifies land suitable for future housing, commercial and industrial development. It aims to ensure that development is planned and located in areas that have minimal constraints and can be serviced with necessary and appropriate infrastructure. This is the first time Council has integrated city and rural growth issues into one document, replacing the separate Lismore Urban Strategy 2003, Village Development Strategy 1997 and Rural Housing Strategy 2002. The GMS will be reviewed in 2020.

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment approved the Lismore Growth Management Strategy 2015-2035 on 11 August 2015 subject to some relatively minor amendments, which have now been made. The Department has also advised that it is ‘undertaking a review of its State and regionally significant farmland policy, and until this review is completed, new planning proposals seeking to rezone this land within proposed release areas should be deferred’. You can confirm if your planning proposal may be affected by this review of farmland policy by contacting our Strategic Planning Coordinator on 1300 87 83 87.

Lismore Growth Management Strategy 2015-2035

Approval Lismore Growth Management Strategy 2015-2035 Department Planning & Environment

Lismore Floodplain Risk Management Plan

The Lismore Floodplain Risk Management Plan aims to minimise the community’s exposure to flood hazard in Lismore’s developed areas and ensure that new development is compatible with the flood hazard and does not create additional flooding problems. Controls that apply to new development in the flood-prone urban areas of Lismore are in Chapter 8 of the Lismore Development Control Plan.

Lismore Floodplain Risk Management Plan

Lismore Floodplain Risk Management Plan Appendices

Onsite Sewage and Wastewater Management Strategy

Council has developed a strategy to guide the design, installation and maintenance of onsite sewage and wastewater systems.

On-site Sewage and Wastewater Management Strategy

Contaminated Land Policy

This policy is the Northern Rivers regional councils’ policy for the management of contaminated land. It is designed to ensure contaminated land is considered in the earliest possible stage of any development. It is also designed to ensure no adverse effects to the environment or public health due to land use and details acceptable remediation techniques for contaminated land.

Regional Policy for the Management of Contaminated Land


Nimbin Parking Strategy (2018)

The Nimbin Parking Strategy examines the supply, demand and utilisation of existing parking arrangements in the main Nimbin business area, as well as expected future growth. The strategy outlines a range of short-term measures to be undertaken by Council (within two years) including some changes to timed parking areas on Cullen and Sibley Streets, and better utilisation of the Western Carpark. The strategy also identifies potential sites for long-term (10 years) future expansion of off-street parking if demand continues to outstrip supply.

Nimbin Parking Strategy