Our plan to increase Aboriginal employment and cultural awareness

Developing a plan

In 2013 Lismore City Council developed and adopted the first local government Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in the Northern Rivers.

Endorsed by Reconciliation Australia, Council’s RAP was developed through a methodical and inclusive process with Aboriginal stakeholders to establish a series of stepping stones that would lead to increased equality for Aboriginal people.

The RAP will create opportunities for Aboriginal people and set an example for other local government bodies in our community to emulate.

The RAP includes changes to Council’s Aboriginal Employment Strategy with a targeted increase in Aboriginal employment until 2017, bringing Council’s Aboriginal employees to 24. This directly equates to the proportion of Lismore’s workforce that is Aboriginal.

It also involves delivering Aboriginal cultural awareness training to all staff; facilitating National Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC Week events in partnership with the Aboriginal community; and developing a Supplier Diversity Policy to ensure Aboriginal businesses are considered in procurement processes.

A new project, Embracing the RAP, will provide a model that other Northern Rivers councils can use to develop their own RAP.

Reconciliation Action Plan

Reviewing the plan

In June 2014 we developed a community newsletter called Reconciliation in Action to inform the community about our latest reconciliation actions and events and to provide an evaulation of how we had performed in the first year of our Reconciliation Action Plan.

You can read the document below.

Reconciliation in Action