Get a free reusable bag and give up plastic for good.

Friday, 15 June

Boomerang Bags Lismore has joined us here at Council to help local residents get ready for the new ban on plastic bags.

From 1 July, most big retailers in NSW will ban single-use plastic bags, so now is the time to get yourself ready for the change.

Lismore City Council is a big supporter of reusable coffee cups, water bottles and bags to reduce the use of single-use items, as the sheer volume of these being used on a daily basis is creating massive environmental issues. Plastics don’t break down, they simply break up into smaller and smaller pieces, entering our water, soil and even air as micro plastics.

Boomerang Bags Lismore has kindly donated 200 beautiful, hand-sewn reusable bags to give away for free at the Lismore Car Boot market on Sunday, 17 June from 7.30am. When these run out, Council will have a few hundred more coloured reusable bags to give away.

You can also come along and get crafty, and draw on your very own plain calico bag to take home.

Staff will also be collecting the very best ideas for living without plastic bags with a prize on offer for the most creative or innovative idea.

“Reusable bags are fantastic and there is simply no reason to be using plastic bags anymore,” Council’s Environmental Strategies Officer Barbara Jensen said.

“The reality is, most of our plastic bag use is just sheer habit. If you can get into the rhythm of using reusable bags – by keeping them in your handbag or your car for instance – it very quickly becomes second nature. And it’s better to get used to it now before the plastic bag ban comes into effect.”

Look out for the Boomerang Bags Lismore and Lismore City Council stall from 7.30am.

If you can’t make it to the market, here are 10 simple steps to live plastic bag free.

Step 1 – Get your shopping gear ready. Buy reusable bags, e.g. cloth, hessian, canvas, hemp or other. Think about the size, handle length, durability and clean-ability.

Step 2 – Stash your shopping gear so it is always on hand, e.g. in the boot of your car, folded in your bag, by the back door. Make it work for you.

Step 3 – Have a range of bags to suit your shopping, e.g. small muslin ones for beans or other loose goods and specific bags for specific goods like a bread bag.

Step 4 – Use a bag on wheels, i.e. BYO shopping trolley. Some can also be folded up when not in use.

Step 5 – Love your bags, e.g. the design, colour and style. Make a statement with your bag message.

Step 6 – Make your bags, e.g. join Boomerang Bags Lismore or use a favourite old T-shirt. Cut off the sleeves then fringe and knot. (Knots can be inside or outside).

Step 7 – If bags are not working then baskets or a backpack might be your thing.

Step 8 – If bags, baskets and backpacks aren’t your thing, just grab a cardboard box at the shop!

Step 9 – To avoid packaging all together, take your own jars or containers to markets and bulk food shops to refill.

Step 10 – Share the bag love, i.e. give your friends and family bags for birthdays and use bags as wrapping for presents.

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