New public only water fill station in Lismore

Tuesday, 24 December

A new water fill station for public use has been installed by Rous County Council in response to increased demand for water carters and supply delays.

Located at Lake St, North Lismore (near the Saleyards), the fill station is for domestic users only and is not available to commercial operators. It is open 24 hours a day. Water may be purchased with a credit card and costs $5.75 per 1,000 litres.

Map here.

No licence or account is required for their operation.

Customers are required to bring their own container and ensure it is clean, of food-grade quality and is only used for the collection and storage of water. Council recommends a 25mm hose outlet to fill containers.

All water that is supplied through fill stations on the Rous County Council network is subject to water level restrictions, currently at Level 1.

Rous County Council Chair, Keith Williams, said the collaboration between Rous staff and the constituent councils at this busy time of year has been impressive.

“I am very proud that Rous staff have made this happen so quickly and responded to the urgent need of the community.”

Rous County Council General Manager, Phillip Rudd, said the fill station has been provided to ensure drinking water is more readily available to the community.

“With a dry outlook for the rest of summer, it’s vital that we do what we can to ensure people whose tanks are running dry have reliable and easier access to safe drinking water. This fill station is a temporary measure to alleviate the pressure placed on water carters during this intense drought.”

Mr Rudd added it is important people maintain clean rainwater tanks and catchment systems for health and safety.

 “Well maintained rainwater tanks, roofs and gutters are essential for safe drinking water, whether it’s resupplied from a fill station or from rain, and especially during drought conditions when there is more chance of contamination from a build-up of biological matter. People should also be aware that debris and ash from bushfires can contaminate tanks.”

The water fill stations provide potable water from the Rous supply network that complies with Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. More information on maintaining rainwater tanks is available through NSW Health.

A second fill station is still under construction at Bangalow and will be opened early in the new year.


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