Emergency Management and Community Disaster Resilience Plans

Lismore City Council received funding in 2020 from the Bushfire Community Resilience and Economic Recovery Fund (BCRERF) - a joint disaster recovery funding arrangement between the NSW and Commonwealth Government - to deliver locally led recovery activities to support community and economic recovery following the bushfires of 2019/2020. The project focused on Nimbin and The Channon/Terania Creek and was initially focused on the recovery from the bushfires. However, as the project developed, both communities sought to broaden the scope to cover building resilience to all-natural disasters. Key components of the project included education and the preparation of place based community led disaster plans. The project was completed at the end of April 2021.

The education event was held on 9 February 2021 at the Nimbin Town Hall on the role of  emergency management agencies and the community during natural disasters. Presentations from speakers representing the SES, RFS, Resilience NSW and Red Cross were recorded and are now available for the community to view. The links to each presentation video and powerpoint are provided below. The Channon and Nimbin Community Disaster Resilience Plans are at the bottom of this page along with a presentation by Dr Robert Kooyman given at the launch of each of the Disaster Resilience Plans held on 24 April 2021. There is also a link to The Channon community hub website and the Nimbin Neighbourhood Information Centre website, both of which contain disaster information relevant to these communities.

State Emergency Services (SES)
The NSW SES is an emergency and rescue service dedicated to assisting the community.  Lacy Loloa is the Acting Unit Commander, NSW State Emergency Service – Northern. Lacy has been in the NSW SES, Lismore City Unit for six years as a Senior Operator and Rescue Operator for three years. She was appointed Deputy Unit Commander in November 202O and stepped into the Acting Unit Commander role in January 2021. In this presentation Lacy talked about who the NSW SES is and what it does, in particular the Lismore City Unit. Lacy also discussed when the community should call the SES, how they can assist the community and how the community can assist the SES and themselves. Click here to watch the presentation or click here to view the powerpoint presentation

Rural Fire Service (FRS)
The NSW Rural Fire Service is the lead combat agency for bushfires in NSW. Working closely with other agencies the RFS responds to a range of emergencies including structure fires, motor vehicle accidents and storms that occur within rural fire districts. At the education event, Inspector Daniel Ainsworth Acting Zone Manager, Northern Rivers Zone was accompanied by Inspector Boyd Townsend  District Coordinator, Northern Rivers Zone. Both Daniel and Boyd are based in Casino Fire Control Centre and look after the Northern Rivers area. Both come from a volunteer background with extensive experience in managing fires in the local area. Daniel’s presentation focused on how residents and land owners can help the RFS by being prepared before a fire arrives. His presentation is based on the campaign “How fireproof is your plan?” Click here to watch the presentations or click here to view the powerpoint presentation

Resilience NSW
Lani McNeill presented on the role of Resilience NSW, which is now the lead disaster management agency for NSW, responsible for all aspects of disaster recovery and building community resilience to future disasters. The agency oversees and coordinates emergency management policy and service delivery with a focus on social, economic, infrastructure and natural environment outcomes. Click here to watch the presentation or click here to view the powerpoint presentation

Red Cross
Irene Dawson is a Red Cross Volunteer Team Leader for Lismore and Nimbin. Irene volunteers in evacuation centres to make sure communities are supported and once the emergency is over, Irene works with other volunteers to provide outreach and recovery support. Irene volunteered in both Nimbin and Lismore during recent flood and fire events. In this presentation Irene discussed ways that households and individuals can prepare for emergency events, for example tips on household emergency kits, emergency apps and other resources, and opportunities for neighbours to work together before, during and after emergency events. Click here to watch the presentation or click here to view the powerpoint presentation

Dr Robert Kooyman (MSc, PhD)
The recording below is of a presentation made by Dr Robert Kooyman (MSc, PhD) a northern rivers botanist and ecologist with a focus on evolutionary ecology, paleobotany, and community ecology, at the launch of the Nimbin and The Channon Community Disaster Resilience Plans. In his presentation Dr Kooyman provided an overview of the values of the World Heritage Gondwana Rainforests of Australia and an update on the forests and rainforests of the Nightcap and Border Ranges region. He described the continuing post-fire research and monitoring outcomes recorded to date and discussed the implications of those findings for the future of the local forests. Dr Kooyman also discussed the implications of the findings for local landholders and residents, and explored the risk assessment, threat identification, and recovery strategies that can be employed to prepare for future events in a changing world. 

Click here to listen to the audio presentation or click here to view the powerpoint presentation

Nimbin Community Disaster Resilience Plan

The Channon and Surrounds Disaster Resilience Plan

The Channon and Surrounds Disaster Kit

You can also get more information from The Channon Hub here and the Nimbin Neighbourhood and Information Centre here