Environmental and noxious weeds in the Northern Rivers

The Northern Rivers has the highest number of listed weeds in NSW. Our LGA has 100 listed noxious weeds and 187 environmental weeds.

Many weeds originate from people's backyards, and have special characteristics which enable them to disperse into, and ultimately dominate, natural areas.

Over two thirds of our weeds were introduced legally for ornamental purposes. Every year at least 12 new species become naturalised somewhere in Australia. Of these, at least four become significant or major weeds.

Weeds are a problem because they can out-compete other species, can be harmful to stock or humans, taint or contaminate produce, cause allergies, increase fire hazards, interfere with agricultural practices, cause or encourage soil erosion or look unsightly.

Noxious weeds have the very real potential to destroy or seriously degrade areas of environmental significance and slash the returns from all agricultural industries.

If not managed properly, they can have a serious impact on the region’s scenic beauty, industry, employment and recreation.

Rous County Council has information on noxious weeds found in the Northern Rivers, weed identification tools, control techniques and programs, new emerging weeds and more.

They have tools and resources to help landowners and the community control weeds so they do not ruin our natural environmental and important agricultural industries. For more information, visit Rous County Council.