Frequently asked questions about water meters

Why do we have water meters?

Water meters were installed to make water charges fairer. The meters ensure that you only pay for the water you use – those who use the most pay the most. This means those who conserve water save money.

When were they installed?

For the majority of consumers, meters were installed in the mid-1980s. Since then all consumer services have been metered.

Who owns the meter on my property?

Although you paid for the cost of installing your water service, the meter remains the property of Council. A portion of the fixed service charge that you pay each year goes towards maintenance of the meter.

Who is responsible for the repair of the damages to the meters?

If the meter or adjoining pipework is damaged you should contact us and we’ll repair it promptly. The user will be charged for these repairs.

Do I need to maintain access to my water meter?

It is important that the water meter and adjoining stop tap are easily accessible for reading, maintenance and regulating the flow of water for the property. You need to ensure that the area in the immediate vicinity of the meter is kept clear of vegetation and rubbish.