Guidelines for all development in the Lismore LGA

Landscape guidelines

These guidelines are aimed at assisting those responsible for preparing landscape plans for developments that require landscape design/architecture.

Landscape Guidelines

Vegetation Management Plan guidelines

A Vegetation Management Plan (VMP) is a report intended to assist an applicant in managing existing native vegetation, environmentally sensitive areas and weeds on the site of a proposed or existing development. These guidelines have been provided to assist applicants in describing the proposed management of vegetation on the site of a proposed development.

The preparation of a VMP is generally required for development applications where the native vegetation on the site of a proposed development has high conservation value or where regeneration of existing native vegetation and/or revegetation of cleared areas are proposed by the applicant or is required by Council as a condition of consent for a development application.

The quality of a VMP submitted to us as part of a development application will be assessed according to the structure and content recommended in these guidelines.

Guidelines for the Preparation of Vegetation Management Plans

Koala Plan of Management for south-east Lismore

The Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management (CKPoM) for south-east Lismore provides an equitable blueprint for the continued coexistence of people and koalas in and around Lismore. The CKPoM only applies to the south-east region of Lismore City. You should read the CKPoM if you intend to develop in this area.

Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management for south-east Lismore

Sediment and Erosion Control Guidelines

A Sediment and Erosion Control Plan is required for all new building work, alterations or additions that involve changes in stormwater drainage. Soil and Water Management Plans are required for larger developments. These plans must be submitted and approved by Council with development applications with all sites being continually monitored.

Guidelines for the Control of Soil Erosion and Sedimentation on Building and Development Sites