Independent, critical economic analysis for Lismore city

The Lismore City Economic Profile provides independent, critical economic analysis for Lismore city by combining 11 different data sets to build the story of our local economy, how it’s changing and how it compares to other areas.

It is a resource we have invested in and made public so it can be used by Council, government, community groups, investors, business people, students and the general public. You can be confident about the quality of the information as it is derived from official sources and the most robust economic modelling, analysed and presented by experts. Each data source is maintained with the latest series so you can be sure you are using the most up-to-date information.

Information looks at various aspects of our economy such as gross regional product, local jobs, local businesses, employment, unemployment, population, building approvals, industry structure, journey to work and much more.

Our Manager of Economic Development can also provide specific impact assessment modelling on request. This is available to businesses, industry, community groups and organisations. This data can assist in approaching banking or financial institutions or providing evidence-based support for any strategy or proposal that will have an economic impact in the LGA. This can also be extrapolated to demonstrate the social outcomes of any activity.

In conjunction with the Lismore City Economic Profile you will also find the Lismore City Community Profile and a Social Atlas.

Lismore City Economic Profile