Information on heritage requirements and funding assistance

Council assists in protecting and managing environmental heritage by identifying heritage items and heritage conservation areas in the Lismore Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and ensuring that development of and near these items and areas does not have an adverse impact on their heritage significance.

A complete list of heritage items and heritage conservation areas are contained in Schedule 5 of the LEP 2012.

In addition to the individual heritage items, there are seven heritage conservation areas within the LGA.

The heritage objectives aim to protect, conserve and enhance the LGA’s natural and cultural heritage (including Aboriginal cultural significance) such as buildings, structures, landscapes and/or historical sites such as Aboriginal bora rings.

What are the different types of heritage listing?

Places can be affected by heritage listings under one or more planning instruments including a Local Environmental Plan, a State Environmental Planning Policy or the State Heritage Register.

Listing as a heritage item or being located in a conservation area may affect what you can and cannot do in that building and/or area. Properties in the vicinity of a heritage item or a conservation area will also be affected to a lesser extent by heritage listing as Council considers the impact of development near these areas.

What is the difference between a heritage item and a place within a conservation area?

If the place you own is listed as a heritage item, Council has determined that the building is of individual importance for its historic, aesthetic, social and/or technical value.

Conservation areas are places where Council has identified a significant streetscape or broader built environment. Characteristics that are commonly considered when identifying conservation areas include its subdivision pattern, the consistency of building materials and the common age of its building stock.

Further information on heritage items and heritage conservation zones can be obtained from the Heritage Council of NSW or you can phone us on (02) 6625 0500.