Information on how to resolve neighbourhood disputes

Sometimes disputes between neighbours can arise. Barking dogs, noisy air conditioners, late night parties and other things can cause problems.

People are sometimes unaware that their activities are disturbing or causing a nuisance. We encourage all residents to talk to their neighbours about nuisance problems before making a complaint.

Council receives a wide variety of complaints by one neighbour against another neighbour. Most of the complaints we get relate to civil disputes between neighbours, for which Council is not the appropriate regulatory authority.

Common civil disputes where Council is not always the appropriate regulatory authority include dividing fences, trees, noise, animals, stormwater run-off and overgrown private property.

Disputes where Council may have regulatory powers include the following scenarios:

  • Air, noise and water pollution.
  • Swimming pool safety.
  • Unauthorised building works.
  • Unauthorised developments.
  • Unauthorised earthworks or land filling.
  • Building safety.
  • Fire hazards.
  • Overgrown properties.
  • Public health concerns.
  • Food hygiene/safety.
  • Septic tank/sewer overflows.
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Savage/stray dogs.

Community Justice Centres

If talking to your neighbours doesn't solve the issue, you can go the Community Justice Centre. Community Justice Centres provide quality mediation and conflict management services in NSW. The service is free, confidential, impartial, accessible and voluntary.

Phone the Northern Community Justice Centre on 1800 990 777 or email