Investigating and planning for the LGA's future housing needs

Housing in Lismore

Council is continuing to actively support the provision of new housing across the Lismore LGA. This includes rezoning land for housing development, implementing the Housing Strategy Action Plan, facilitating strong partnerships with developers and housing providers, and providing advice to encourage the development of a range of housing types close to community services and facilities.

Lismore Housing Strategy 2012

Council adopted the Housing Strategy in July 2012.

The Strategy highlights current and future housing needs of the Lismore LGA and includes an Action Plan that identifies steps required to implement each action. Associated with each action is information on partners, timelines to implement each action, resources required, outcomes and, crucially, planning comments.

Lismore Housing Strategy 2012

Lismore Housing Analysis

The Analysis provides all the background information and research to Council’s Housing Strategy.

Part A comprises a Statement of Local Housing issues that were prepared as part of the Lismore Housing Strategy. The analysis of issues was the first part of the project, namely to identify current and future housing needs, issues and opportunities. This analysis provides crucial information on key housing issues that underpin the Housing Strategy.

Lismore Housing Analysis Part A

Part B provides statistical and supporting information on subjects such as population projections, demographics, housing characteristics, residential and housing market trends and feedback from community consultation events. This detail was used to identify local housing issues that were investigated in Part A.

Lismore Housing Analysis Part B

Lismore Development Control Plan – Residential Development Chapter 1

Controls apply to building, altering or using land for units and other forms of housing in the Lismore LGA. Chapter 1 is currently being reviewed.

Lismore Development Control Plan

Secondary dwellings

The LEP 2012 gives individuals in urban and village areas the opportunity to develop secondary dwellings, e.g. small self-contained dwellings. 

For general information and FAQS on secondary dwellings, refer to the Secondary Dwellings brochure.

Please also find a Statement of Environmental Effects for Secondary Dwellings that can be completed and returned to Council.

Detached dual occupancy

The LEP 2012 now allows the development of a detached dual occupancy on rural land. It is hoped these dwellings will make it easier for older people to stay on the land and for younger people to remain in the area.

The dwellings could also be used as farm worker accommodation or as an extra income source for local farmers. The second dwelling should be within 100m of the existing house and existing access from a public road should be used. In addition, the development must not impair the use of the land for agricultural activities nor should it detract from the character and scenic amenity of the rural environment.

For more information, read our Fact Sheet - Rural Detached Dual Occupancy.

Shop top housing

Lismore City Council is trying to encourage more shop top housing, particularly in the Lismore CBD.

Shop top housing tends to invigorate city centres and make them safer. Council is aware there have been obstacles for owners to develop shop top housing and has now waived car parking requirements, provided discounts on infrastructure contributions and is keen to help people achieve the necessary fire safety regulations.

For full details, read our Shop Top Housing Brochure.

Tiny Houses

Lismore City Council has developed a Fact Sheet outlining the regulatory requirements for tiny houses.

For full details, read our Fact Sheet - Tiny House