Liquid trade waste and how to dispose of it

If your business discharges liquid trade waste you must complete and submit one of the application forms below. Full information for plumbers on the proper disposal of liquid trade waste can be found on our Plumbing Works page.

Application to Discharge Liquid Trade Waste - Food Based Dischargers

Application to Discharge Liquid Trade Waste - Automotive-Mechanical Dischargers

What is liquid trade waste?

Liquid trade waste means all liquid waste other than domestic sewage.

This includes liquid waste from industrial premises, businesses and commercial premises such as beauticians, florists, hairdressers, hotels, motels, restaurants, takeaway stores, butchers, service stations, supermarkets, dentists, community and public premises such as schools, colleges, education facilities, hospitals and nursing homes, dairies, piggeries and cow sheds. It also includes any commercial activity carried out at residential premises and saleyards, racecourses, stables and kennels that are not associated with domestic households.

Liquid Trade Waste excludes toilets, handwash basins (used for personal hygiene only), shower and bath wastes derived from the premises, wastewater from residential toilets, kitchens, bathrooms or laundries (i.e. domestic sewage), common use (non-commercial) kitchen and laundry facilities in caravan parks and residential swimming pool backwash.

What are pre-treatment devices?

Pre-treatment devices are defined as equipment used for the pre-treatment of liquid trade waste at the source of the waste generation to ensure high strength liquid waste is not discharged into Council’s sewerage system.

Depending on the nature of your business and the volume and strength of the liquid trade waste it may be necessary to install a pre-treatment device. Typical pre-treatment devices used for the treatment of liquid trade waste include the following: boat-shaped grease arrestor (grease trap); basket arrestors with fixed screens (fitted to sinks and floor wastes); fixed or removable mesh screens; coalescing plate interceptor (CPI oil separator); vertical gravity separator (VGS separator); hydrocyclone separation system (HSS separator); cooling pit; balancing, averaging, neutralising pit/tank; solids settlement pit/silt arrestor; and plaster arrestor.

If you are unsure about your trade waste requirements we can offer advice on the most appropriate type of pre-treatment for your business. Phone us on (02) 6625 0500.

Fact Sheet - Retail Food Premises

Fact Sheet - Retail Mechanical Premises