Lismore Regional Airport

Noise Mitigation

Lismore City Council is mindful of the potential noise impacts the regional airport can have on the community, particularly those who live underneath established flight paths, circuits or defined holding patterns.

Lismore City Council has developed a ‘Fly Neighbourly Guideline’ in conjunction with the operators of Lismore Airport to ensure noise is minimised as much as possible while maintaining safety. Lismore Regional Airport serves as a base for flight training, medical flights, urgent medivac retrievals and many other aviation associated businesses. Lismore Regional Airport operates 24 hours a day, 365 days of every year and has done so since the airports initial construction. Although, very few aircraft operate after last light with the exemption of urgent medical flights.

Complaints and enquiries about aircraft noise are important as they help identify issues of concern and possible opportunities for improvements. All complaints are managed by Airservices Australia. You can lodge a noise complaint or make an enquiry online at, by phoning 1800 802 584, or by post to Noise Complaints and Information Services, GPO Box 211, Mascot NSW 1460.

In the first instance, complaints must be made to Airservices Australia, however, if you are not satisfied with the way your aircraft noise compliant was handled by Airservices Australia, you can seek an independent review by the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman.

You can download the Fly Neighbourly Guideline by clicking here

Lismore Aviation Centre

The Lismore Aviation Centre encompasses the general aviation area of Lismore Regional Airport.

The centre is currently expanding and improving its facilities as it strives to become the busiest and most diverse general aviation centre in the region.

Council is hoping that the Lismore Aviation Centre will be the biggest regional aviation centre between Brisbane and Sydney, and as passenger services have moved to the Gold Coast and Ballina/Byron Gateway Airport, Lismore has become the natural home for general aviation.

The Lismore Aviation Centre is located on Three Chain Road, South Lismore, with a substantial onsite general aviation base and large maintenance facility.



Other airport facilities

Aircraft Maintenance Facility

There is a large aircraft maintenance facility located on site that caters to all types of aircraft.

Aero Enterprise PTY LTD
Phone: 02 6621 7217

Air freight

Demand for air freight service has increased significantly over the last few years. Lismore has two freight aircraft operating daily, which distribute to the Northern Rivers region. For any air freight enquiries, contact any of the local freight carriers.

Aero Club

The Northern Rivers Aero club has operated from Lismore Regional Airport for many years and has several aircraft available for charter or flight training.
Phone: 02 6621 4844
Northern Rivers Aero Club

Airport operations (pilots)

All general aviation pilots and charters are welcome to use the facilities at Lismore Regional Airport.

Use of the RPT Apron requires prior permission.

There is a choice of hardstand or grass parking for aircraft.

A BP Avgas refuelling area is located at the northern end of the airport and is accessible 24 hours.

World Fuel Services provides both Avgas and Jet A-1 at Lismore airport. The Avgas bowser has a twenty (20) metre hose and a large LED overhead display installed, accepts Visa and Mastercard debit / credit cards, and is accessible 24 hours. Please contact Michael (the local WFS operator at Lismore) on 0422 441 277 for any queries or need any support with your aviation refuelling needs.

Landing fees apply to all aircraft at Lismore.

For information phone the Airport Manager on 02 6622 8296. For AIP information visit Airservices.

A bit of history…

From the end of World War I, Lismore witnessed the arrival of many small planes and there was great excitement when Charles Kingsford-Smith landed in Lismore in the 1930s.

In May 1969 the Department of Civil Aviation licensed the aerodrome at South Lismore. Over a period of several decades of persistence by the Council and community groups the Department finally agreed to upgrade the facility to executive level, providing the necessary facilities including electric flare paths, directional beacons and night-flying facilities. The aerodrome was seen as playing a vital role in the development of Lismore.

Today, Lismore has an attractive and functional regional airport terminal serving as the gateway to our city. Lismore's terminal was officially opened in December 2000 by Qantas Chief Executive Officer James Strong and the then Mayor Bob Gates.