Managing water quality and localised flooding issues

The Lismore Urban Stormwater Management Plan (USMP) 2016-2026 aims to improve the sustainability of Lismore’s urban stormwater management systems.

The plan takes a holistic approach to stormwater management as it focuses on both stormwater quality and quantity.

The plan’s 10-year Implementation Program, which will be delivered in Council’s asset management framework, includes almost $10 million worth of projects to address localised flooding hotspots and improve water quality in Lismore urban areas.

Projects range from community education, staff training, policy development, ongoing maintenance and on-ground works targeting high-priority localised flooding, as well as the installation of stormwater treatment devices to prevent pollutants entering our waterways. The 10-year Implementation Program is funded from Council’s general fund and the dedicated Stormwater Management Service charge.

A full list of projects are available here: Lismore Urban Stormwater Management Plan Volume 1 - Implementation Program

Background information used in the development of the plan is available here: Lismore Urban Stormwater Management Plan Volume 2 - Background Information (26MB)

For most new commercial and housing developments, stormwater management is guided by the Water Sensitive Design chapter (Chapter 22) of Council’s Development Control Plan. Water sensitive design is a multidisciplinary approach for integrating land use and water management (water supply, stormwater, wastewater and groundwater), with the aim of minimising the adverse impacts of development on the natural water cycle.