Gungas Road closed due to wet weather damage

Friday, 08 January

Lismore City Council has closed Gungas Road near the entrance to Black Sheep Farm following a preliminary damage assessment completed today after recent heavy rain caused major damage to the road and several causeways.

Council is advising residents that the road will remain closed until repair works can be undertaken as it currently presents a significant hazard to motorists.

The road damage has been exacerbated by water flowing over the road at high velocity in recent days.

Council strongly recommends that motorists do not attempt to drive on the northern end of Gungas Road due to the dangerous condition of the surface and instability of causeways.

Council will continue to monitor this section of Gungas Road and commence emergency repairs as soon as water has receded and crews can safely access the site to determine the extent of repairs to restore access.

Council will be communicating with affected residents from early next week to keep them advised of progress.


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