River and waterways update - do not use

Friday, 25 March

As a result of the recent major flood event at the Wilson’s River, Lismore City Council is asking our community not to undertake any recreational activities in our waterways due to sewerage discharge from our treatment plants.

Lismore City Council’s General Manager John Walker said the flooding event impacted our sewerage treatment plants causing major damage and reduced operating capacity.

This means that Council has no option but to discharge low treatment or untreated sewage into the Wilsons River as a means of disposal.

The New South Wales Environmental Protection Authority is aware of the situation and operational constraints of the treatment plant.

The discharge is having a significant impact on the water quality in all waterways that are impacted by tidal activity including the Wilsons River, Leycester Creek and associated tributaries, creeks and waterways.

Council is advising that all recreational activities including boating, fishing, canoeing, swimming and all other activities that requires any contact with the water not be undertaken until such time that Council deems it safe to use the waterways.

Also, any commercial users drawing water should seek advice to establish if the water is fit for purpose.

Lismore City Council thanks our community for their understanding and patience during these times and will continue to update our community with the latest information.

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