Staff Christmas tree give nod to our rural community

Wednesday, 02 December

Lismore’s 2020 recycled Christmas tree, which gives a nod to our rural community, has been unveiled in the CBD.

“Our rural community is integral to Lismore and we wanted to give them a nod in a year they had to contend with bushfires, drought, floods and COVID-19,” said Cheryl, one of Council’s Customer Service Officer who was the driving force behind this year’s tree.

Standing about 7 metres tall, the CBD masterpiece is made from recycled 25-litre drums which are used by many people on the land. The bows and Christmas bonbons are all made from chaff and feed bags – another nod to our rural community, as are the whirlybirds. The colourful candy canes are made from recycled PVC pipes, with a touch of paint.

The heart has become a symbol associated with Lismore and we expanded on this theme, providing staff with more than 40 heart frames (from left over metal) and solid hearts (from a previous year’s projects) to decorate with recycled materials.

“Each one is so unique and creative. It’s great that so many staff and their families were able to contribute in this way,” Cheryl said.

This is the sixth tree Council staff have erected on the corner of Keen and Magellan streets to celebrate the festive season and Lismore’s commitment to recycling and sustainability.

It was constructed over the last three months with staff volunteering their own time and donating to cover all costs such as paint.

The tradition began in 2015, when Council staff created a Christmas tree as a gift for the community from old bicycles painted in many colours. In 2016 staff made the tree from old car tyres and in 2017 it was fashioned from old road signs with an impressive ‘Give Way’ star. In 2018, the tree was constructed of 49 second-hand umbrellas to create a very colourful and much talked about tree. Last year, was the Living Christmas Tree with more than 300 potted plants.

“We love the recycled Christmas tree and although our take on it this year is a little different, we hope the community of Lismore will enjoy it,” Cheryl said.

“Council staff are proud to be part of the Lismore community and we wanted to give back and help make our city an even better place to live, work and raise a family.

“We hope that it can spread some joy, kindness and love at this time of year. Merry Christmas Lismore.”


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