Open Access Information

Under the Government Information (Public Access) Regulation 2018: 

Information contained in development applications (within the meaning of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979) and any associated documents is prescribed as Open Access Information.

This does not apply to:
  1. the plans and specifications for any residential parts of a proposed building, other than plans that merely show its height and its external configuration in relationto the site on which it is proposed to be erected, or
  2. commercial information, if the information would be likely to prejudice the commercial position of the person who supplied it or to reveal a trade secret, or
  3. development applications made before 1 July 2010 and any associated documents received (whether before, on or after that date) in relation to the application.
Enquiries concerning this matter can be addressed to our Public Officer.

Property Owners Consent:

The property owner’s consent is required to view plans and specifications for any residential parts of a proposed building, other than plans that merely show its height and external configuration.

Copyright Owner's Consent:

Copyright can apply to material other than architectural plans and drawings. Specialist reports, surveys, landscape design plans and drawings are all likely to be protected by copyright.
A reproduction of material that is protected by copyright may be a copyright infringement. A reproduction that is authorised by the copyright owner will not constitute an infringement.

Privacy & Personal Information Protection Notice:

Please read our Privacy Notice regarding the collection of information.

Processing Fee

There is a processing fee of $31.20 per hour (at a minimum of one hour) for emailing copies of open access documents.
Hard copy files, microfilm and electronic records will still be available to inspect for free at Lismore City Council Corporate Centre, 43 Oliver Avenue, Goonellabah NSW 2480.
Please note we do not accept American Express or Diners Club.

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Promoting Lismore business through branding, promotions and events

Lismore Business Promotion Program

Lismore Business Promotion Program is a partnership between business, Council and the community, funded by the Special Business Rate Variation Levy (SBRVL). The SBRVL is governed by the Lismore Business Panel and administered by Council. The purpose of the SBRVL Lismore Business Promotion Program funding is to boost our presence as a regional centre, with the revitalisation of the city centre identified as being the key to this objective.

The SBRVL is levied annually on all business properties in the Lismore Urban Area to fund the Lismore Promotion Program.

The Lismore Business Panel oversees and provides guidance to the City Centre Manager (CCM) who is employed to implement the business plan. The CCM is responsible for projects contained within the Lismore Business Promotion Program's Business Plan year-to-year and is also charged with carrying out the more strategic and long-term process of city centre revitalisation.

The Lismore Business Promotion Program is responsible for a comprehensive range of activities including:

  • Year-round advertising, marketing and promotions.
  • Coordination of major CBD events, markets, music, entertainment and activities in the city centre.
  • Placemaking and place management.
  • Effective use and dissemination of the 'Lismore – Come to the Heart' brand.

For information or to apply to use the Come to the Heart logo, please read the Lismore Come to the Heart Brand Procedure, visit the Come to the Heart website or contact the Lismore City Centre Manager on (02) 6625 0500.


Lismore Business Plan 2016-2018

The 2016-2018 Lismore Business Plan provides the strategic direction for Lismore Business Promotion under the responsibility of the City Centre Manager (CCM) for a two-year period from July 2016 until June 2017.

The primary objective of the plan is to improve and expand the Lismore City Centre revitalisation process and enable businesses in the CBD and Lismore Outer Urban Area to benefit from promotional activities contained in the Plan.

Program Vision: "Lismore is a welcoming hub for business, community and visitors alike. Our City Centre is integral to our economy, cultural aspects and community, and through a unified approach, Lismore will be a vibrant destination for everyone to enjoy.”

A key element of the Lismore Business Plan is to provide multiple opportunities for the Lismore Business Panel and the CCM to work with local business, Council departments and community organisations or individuals on joint initiatives to ensure cohesion and unity.

Lismore Business Plan 2016-2018


Contractor Insurance Management System (CIMS) to replace existing Trades and Services Register

Lismore City Council is introducing a web-based Contractor Insurance Management System (CIMS) that will replace our existing Trades and Services database.

CIMS is a self-serve, password-protected platform developed and maintained by Council’s insurance provider, Statewide Mutual. CIMS provides a single registration point for contractors working across NSW councils.

What do contractors need to do?

From Monday, 1 August 2016 you must be registered in CIMS in order for Council to engage your services.

If you are already registered in CIMS, please email our Infrastructure Services Administration at or phone (02) 6625 0500. It is very important that you do this otherwise we may not be able to access your information.

You can only register for CIMS online. Go to and follow the prompts. You must pay the service provider a subscription fee of $100 and CIMS will send reminders when you need to renew your insurance. Council will use CIMS to check the status of your insurances.

Do sub-contractors need to be registered in CIMS?

Yes, any sub-contractors you use should also be registered in CIMS.

CIMS help and support

If you require information or support to help you register in CIMS, or have questions about CIMS and the way it works, contact CIMS Support at or phone the hotline support number (office hours only) on 02 9320 2771 (if prompted ask for ‘CIMS Support’).

For further information, read the CIMS Information Sheet for Contractors.


Your Councillors at Work Attendance



Pecuniary Interest Declarations

Pecuniary Interest Register

Council’s Code of Conduct and the Information and Privacy Commissions Guideline 1: For Local Councils on the disclosure of information contained in the returns disclosing the interest of councillors and designated persons developed under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (NSW) require the Pecuniary Interest Returns that are completed by Councillors and Designated staff annually to be published on Council's website: 

The following personal information has been redacted pursuant to S6(4) and 14(2) table 3(a) of the GIPA Act. See also clause 3.5 of Guideline 1 from each of the Pecuniary Interest Returns :

  • Councillors and Designated Staff members’ place of residence; and
  • Councillors and Designated Staff members’ signature details.

If you would like to view the original hard copy Pecuniary Interest Returns please call (02) 6625 0500 to make an appointment with the Public Officer.


Government information public access (GIPA)

Government information public access (GIPA) - Online Application Form

New way of lodging Development Applications

The process for lodging a planning and building application with Lismore City Council will change on 28 June 2021 (Important Update below).  From that date, those lodging a planning application MUST use the online NSW Planning Portal.

In November the Premier announced eplanning digital services would become mandatory for NSW Council’s with the NSW Government committed to delivering effective, efficient and transparent planning services through the NSW Planning Portal. 

The use of the portal is mandatory for the following applications and certificates:

  • Development Applications
  • Modification of Consent Applications
  • Construction Certificates
  • Complying Development Certificates
  • Occupation Certificates
  • Subdivision Certificate Applications
  • Subdivision Works Certificates
  • Building Information Certificates

Customers will be kept informed during the assessment process through to determination via the NSW Planning Portal.

Information about development proposals and their assessment will also remain available to the community through Council’s DA Online Tracker at, once the DA has been registered by Council.

Section 68 and Section 138 Applications are not mandatory through the NSW Planning portal, however, for residential building works, these two approvals could be applied for concurrently on the eplanning portal.  Those and other Section 68 and Section 138 Applications can still be lodged through Lismore City Council’s website 

Please pay all outstanding application invoices by 30 June 2021, to make the application (DA’s, CC’s, SWC and Subdivision Certificates, Occupation Certificates, Comply Development Certificates) lawful and legal, otherwise they will all have to be relodged on the NSW Planning Portal (NPP) from Thursday, 1 July 2021.

Principal Certifier Agreements (PCA)
All previously issued PC Agreements, must be paid by 16 July 2021 or otherwise have to be entered and registered by you on the NPP.

If the Agreement is paid after 30 June 2021, the payment will have to be made at Council’s Corporate Centre, as the fees will need to be adjusted for the 2021/22 Financial year.

For more information, contact Lismore City Council or visit


Welcome to our Disaster Recovery Updates. Lismore City Council is dedicated to Lismore's recovery. 

Below is the latest news in date order.

Council has archived the updates that occured during and just after the flood event. For all news we issued from February 28 to March 17, please click HERE.

Below is the latest news items in date order. If you need business support, latest road closures, donate to the Lismore Flood Fund and much more, click HERE.


Moveable Dwellings for Temporary Accommodation

Council understands that it will take our community a long time to recover from the 2022 floods. To assist, our Built Environment team has prepared a fact sheet about a temporary accommodation ‘option’ for residents who have been displaced from their homes as a result of the flood.

People who have been displaced from their homes as a result of the flood can install a moveable dwelling, such as a caravan, on land without Council’s approval for up to two years.

To read the fact sheet, click HERE.


Major flooding is occurring along the Wilsons River at Lismore (AHD) and may reach around 10.50 metres Wednesday afternoon.

This will depend on the intensity and duration of the bursts of heavy rainfall and COULD BE EARLIER.

A Severe Weather Warning is current for the Northern Rivers and parts of the Mid North Coast and Northern Tablelands Forecast District.

The Wilsons River at Lismore (AHD) current river height as of 3am is 9.7m.

The situation is being closely monitored and revised predictions will be provided if necessary.