Our long-term resource planning

Council's Resourcing Strategy outlines the resources – time, money, assets and people – required to achieve the strategies and objectives in our corporate plans.

The Resourcing Strategy consists of three components:

  • Long Term Financial Planning
  • Asset Management Planning
  • Workforce Management Planning



Council has a Long Term Financial Plan (10 years) that sets out the roadmap to long-term financial sustainability. Financial sustainability is broadly defined as Council’s financial ability to deliver acceptable, affordable and ongoing services to its community.

Long Term Financial Plan

Long Term Financial Plan Model 1

Long Term Financial Plan Model 2

Long Term Financial Plan Model 3



Council owns and manages assets with a current replacement cost of around $1.5 billion.

These assets include:

  • Roads, footpaths and bridges.
  • Parks and ovals.
  • Buildings.
  • Stormwater drainage.
  • Operational and community land.

The objective of asset management is to ensure we know what our assets are and what it will cost to maintain and replace them in the future. This allows Council to budget in the most cost effective way to provide adequate services and facilities now and for future generations.

Our Asset Management Strategy and accompanying Asset Management Plans provide information on the condition of our assets, how long they will last, and future costs for maintenance and replacement.

Asset Management Strategy

Asset Management Plan – Transport

Asset Management Plan – Buildings

Asset Management Plan – Stormwater

Asset Management Plan Parks and Recreation

Asset Management Plan – Wastewater Systems

Asset Management Plan – Water Supply Systems

Asset Management Plan – Land Improvements and Other Structures

Along with Asset Management Plans, Council has a number of documents that supplement these.

Cycleway Plan 2011

Pedestrian Acces and Mobility Plan 2011

Strategic Business Plan for Water and Wastewater



Council's Workforce Management Strategy is an internal document that outlines what people Council needs now and into the future to continue delivering services to the community.