Our Procurement Focus

  • Value for money,
  • Legislative compliance,
  • Quality and performance,
  • Ethics and fair dealing
  • Sustainability,
  • Good risk management, including work health and safety, and
  • Opportunities for economic growth (including employment growth) in the Local Government Area.

Business Ethics

What Council requires of you?
  • Comply with Council's procurement policies and procedures.
  • Declare real or perceived conflicts of interest as soon as you become aware of the conflict.
  • Refrain from engaging in any form of collusive practices including offering employee inducements or incentives designed to improperly influence the conduct of their duties.
  • Act ethically, fairly and honestly in all dealings with Council.
  • Assist the Council to prevent unethical practices in our business relationships.
Please be aware that the canvassing of Councillors or Council staff in relation to expressions of interest, requests for quotations or requests for tender may result in automatic disqualification.

Useful links:

Statement of Business Ethics
Code of Conduct