PCA certification and our PCA services

What is a Principal Certifying Authority?

The Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) plays an integral role in the construction process, overseeing the management of the development consent from the commencement of work through to the completion of the building, subsequent issuing of the Occupation Certificate and conducting inspections at each required stage. You can appoint Council to be the PCA. Council's Building Certification Team offers a variety of services in a professional and efficient manner.

Appointment of a PCA

Prior to any building or subdivision work being carried out, a Construction Certificate or Complying Development Certificate must be approved and a PCA must be appointed for the development. To appoint Council as your PCA please contact us on (02) 6625 0500. If you do not appoint Council as the PCA, you must notify Council of the appointment of the PCA at least two days prior to the commencement of any building work.

What are the roles and responsibilities of the PCA?

Being appointed as a PCA carries certain responsibilities. These obligations are as follows:

  • Conduct a proper inspection of each required stage of construction.
  • Certify each stage of inspection that the works are being carried out in accordance with the development consent.
  • Promptly advise the applicant if any works have been carried out that are inconsistent with the development consent.
  • Serve notices under s121 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act if any non-compliance is identified with the terms of the development consent.
  • Issue an Occupation Certificate for any building work or change of use when the relevant application has been lodged with Council and all required works and conditions have been satisfied.
  • Promptly advise the applicant, after each inspection, of any outstanding work.
  • Certify that all the conditions required by the development consent, Building Code of Australia (BCA) and technical standards are complied with.
  • Oversee the legislative requirements of the construction process from commencement to completion.

Making a complaint against a PCA

Any concerns with construction works including a belief that works are not proceeding in accordance with the approval are to be discussed with the PCA in the first instance. If you remain unsatisfied with the response of the PCA, complaints against Accredited Private Certifiers can be made in writing to the Building Professionals Board (NSW Department of Planning & Infrastructure).



Council's certification services

Why choose Council as your PCA?

  • We have the long-term support and stability of Council.
  • We only work within the Lismore Local Government Area, so we are never far away.
  • We have local knowledge which saves time.
  • We are able to provide a comprehensive range of building approvals, building certification, inspections and building approval advisory services to our customers.
  • We provide efficient, cost-effective and quality services.
  • We have a team of professionally qualified and experienced Building Certifiers.
  • We will ensure that all building regulations, construction standards and development consent requirements are complied with.
  • We have access to Council's approvals history and Council Planning and Heritage Officers so that we can provide quick advice and assistance to our customers.
  • We are flexible and will endeavour to meet all our customers' needs.
  • We can offer a competitive price package for major commercial and residential projects.

Our Building Certification Team services

  • Pre-lodgement construction certificate and complying development advice.
  • Principal Certifying Authority (PCA).
  • Mandatory critical stage inspections during the course of construction.
  • Occupation Certificates on completion of building works.
  • Construction or Complying Development Certificates for all types and classes of building works including:
    • New dwellings
    • Alterations/additions to dwellings
    • Swimming pools
    • Garages/carports
    • Commercial/industrial buildings
    • Residential flat buildings

Major projects

Our Building Certification Team can tailor its services to meet the demands of major projects. One of our professional team will be assigned to the project for its duration to assist with all your certification needs.

Advice and consultancy

Our Building Certification Team can work with you throughout the approvals process to ensure that everything runs smoothly. You can make an appointment on (02) 6625 0500.