Information for people interested in becoming a Councillor

If you are passionate about what happens in your local community, becoming a Councillor is an exciting opportunity to make a difference and to represent the interests of residents.

If you would like more information in the lead-up to the next local government election in 2020, you will find some useful resources below.

You may wish to talk to an existing Councillor in your local area or contact the Office of Local Government for more information via email or phone 4428 4100.

For more information about registration, nomination, election campaign finances, voting and other election processes, as well as important dates and deadlines, go to the NSW Electoral Commission website at

Office of Local Government resources


Election funding and disclosure requirements

The NSW Electoral Commission regulates and administers funding and disclosure laws in NSW. The laws seek to:

  • prevent corruption and undue influence of political parties and elected officials at State and local government elections;
  • ensure compliance with election funding, expenditure and disclosure requirements;
  • facilitate a fair and transparent election funding, expenditure and disclosure scheme;
  • raise public awareness of the requirements for political donations and electoral expenditure; and
  • effectively administer public funding for elections and the administration of parties and members of Parliament.

All persons interested in standing for election in September 2020 should familiarise themselves with the relevant regulations. Go to the NSW Electoral Commission Funding & Disclosure page.

Candidates and groups can contact the NSW Electoral Commission directly on 1300 022 011 or email if they have questions about registration or their election campaign finances.