Your Councillors at Work Information

As part of their elected duties, Councillors attend monthly Council meetings and briefings.

They also serve on a number of advisory committees and panels that provide advice and recommendations to Council on a range of matters.


Contacts and information on your elected representatives

Lismore City Council is made up of 11 Councillors, including a popularly elected Mayor, who were elected for a four-year term in September 2016. Due to the 12-month extension to the Council term because of COVID-19, two Councillors and the Mayor have retired. This means the Council is currently made up of eight Councillors including the new Mayor who was elected by the remaining Councillors.

Below are contact details for each Councillor. To email your elected representatives as a group, you can Email All Councillors.

You are welcome to contact them directly to ask questions, provide feedback or raise a matter about issues affecting you and your community.

If you have general enquiries please email us at or phone (02) 6625 0500.

Your Councillors Contact details

Cr Elly Bird
T: 0418 639 927

Cr Nancy Casson
T: 0406 785 472


Cr Darlene Cook
T: 0427 895 316

Cr Vanessa Ekins

T: 6624 5500
M: 0417 245 502

Cr Adam Guise
T: 0478 684 497
Cr Eddie Lloyd
T: 0478 133 888
Cr Neil Marks
Deputy Mayor

M: 0419 284 827

Cr Bill Moorhouse
M: 0427 661 242